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Public Libraries

With more than 30 years of experience in the library industry, Mackin is perfectly positioned to help children’s and YA public librarians with all their book and nonprint materials. More than 30,000 school librarians have discovered the beauty of Mackin.com already, find out why.

What makes Mackin different?

Custom Free Services That Save You Time

You will always get more for your money with Mackin.

 Free MARC records from master-degreed LMS catalogers
 Free collection development
 Free standard shelf-ready precision processing
 Free shipping in United States only
 Free compendium of best new titles updated monthly
 Thousands of prepared lists: State standards, award winners, current events, reluctant readers, graphic novels, YA favorites and much more
 Full text reviews: Including School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and Library Media Connection


24/7 Service

We answer the phone day and night, in person, and have professional research and collection development librarians on staff to assist you from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.

Largest Selection of Titles

Mackin.com is the nation’s largest age-appropriate PK-YA database, a treasure trove of 2.5 million titles from more than 18,000 publishers.

High Fill Rates

95-100% on all PK-YA orders

All Bindings

All Bindings

Library-Reinforced, trade hardcover, MackinBound, paperback, eBook (interactive, single- and multi-user), audiobook, online database and video.


Nearly 7 million students are presently using MackinVIA within their schools, homes, in their school library, virtually anywhere and everywhere a mobile device or computer can be found. These numbers provide solid testimony to the ease and power that has elevated this free digital platform to its current stature. With all of the success and such a high and growing adoption rate with students and educators, it’s a natural progression for MackinVIA to close the learning gap and find a home in the public library system. After all, if kids are using MackinVIA in all other areas of their lives, the next and most logical place would be to provide access in a public learning venue.

Streamline your system and make your children’s resources available by allowing kids and teens to spend more time learning and less time navigating difficult platforms, complex systems and adult-centric software. The kid-friendly interface of MackinVIA is, without question, the most logical and sensible step in the progression of providing a competent digital resource management system for the public library. As a stand-alone platform or to be used concurrently with other digital management systems your library may already have, the simplicity of the free MackinVIA encourages students to do what they love best – read.

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