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MackinBound™ books are the nation’s best prebound books the industry has to offer. Always tough. Built to last. Fully guaranteed.

Our Guarantee

MackinBound books are guaranteed to provide high-volume circulations and against manufacturing defects of any kind — no questions asked. If you ever have to replace a MackinBound, just give us the barcode number on the book, and we will send you a brand new book, fully cataloged and processed with the same barcode. All MackinBound books are fully guaranteed against defects as long as the purchased ISBNs remain in print.

Mackin Made

MackinBound books are manufactured by Mackin employees — who together have over 150 years of experience — in our Topeka, Kansas, Mackin-owned-and-operated bindery facility. Full control of our bindery allows us to maintain the highest standards of manufacturing quality and service.

Acid-Free End Sheets, Nylon Laminate And Safety-First Construction

Acid-free, non-yellowing end sheets, easy-to-clean laminate covers and the highest quality materials (we do not use lead-based products or toxic glues) make MackinBound books 100% safe for your students and staff.

Common Cents

MackinBound books can expand your budget by eliminating the cost of replacing worn out paperbacks and increasing the number of true library-bound titles in your collection. Actual MackinBound per-book costs are much less than the publisher’s library and trade bindings and consistently lower than many other prebinders.



Durable Class A Bindings, Flat And Flexible Spines

Sewn MackinBound books are manufactured with high-strength polyester thread, and glued MackinBound books feature a durable double-fan binding. We use only PVA cold glue, which is very flexible and will not crack over time. All spines are built with flexi-board, keeping the spine flat and easy to read.

High-density binderboard (88 point thickness) is used to construct MackinBound covers, meeting strength specifications for Class A library binding.