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Mackin provides an extensive collection of video resources.

With Library and Classroom Video Resources, You Can:

 Illustrate complex and abstract ideas visually through animated, 3-D images

 Present experiments that can’t be done within your classroom

 Bring classic literature, plays, music and important historical events into the classroom

 Let your students experience distant countries, cultures and people

 Take your class on impossible field trips – inside the human body and out to outer space!

 Reach students with varied learning styles, especially visual learners

Video Products


Award-winning Eduvision is a robust, safe and secure media portal for the K-12 market, offering solutions for video capture, creation and publishing in a way that is cost-effective, easy and secure. With student privacy becoming increasingly important, security is a key differentiator over free industry solutions.

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Award-winning publisher of high-quality content for libraries and schools. Our children’s videos make great additions to the classroom. Inspire and engage your students with videos that entertain as they educate.

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Intelecom Learning

The INTELECOM Online Resources Network® is a fully hosted video streaming library designed to meet the demand for curriculum-aligned rich media in support of online and classroom-based instruction. Search for and find professionally-produced and captioned video to provide an engaging and student-centered experience that leads to learning.

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Language Tree

Learning a new language isn’t always fun for kids. That’s why Language Tree has incorporated upbeat music and interactive games into their lessons. Digital videos cover American Sign Language, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

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For more than 80 years, NBC News has been documenting the people, places, and events that shape our world. NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, enables students and teachers to access over 20,000 standards-aligned video clips from the NBC News archives, award-winning STEM content, daily current events, primary source materials, and classroom planning resources, to enliven instructional material as well as stimulate critical thinking and debate in the classroom.

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Today, more teachers than ever are turning to visual media through the internet to engage students in a way they really enjoy. New Dimension Media’s educational videos, professionally produced and vetted by educators, help students understand and absorb information more quickly with quality visual media.

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TMW Media Group

The one stop source for the best in educational and instructional media. For over 25 years, TMW has been helping educate the world from pre-K through adult. Explore the worlds of science, math, social studies, arts & humanities, guidance, careers, sports and much more with their award winning programming.

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Twin Sisters Digital Media

For 30 years, twin sisters Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson have been producing high quality, educational books and music for kids. They have sold over 50 million albums worldwide and are proud to be Grammy (RIAA) Voting Members for 25 years as well as best selling authors!

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DVD & Blu-ray

Mackin provides an extensive collection of PK-12 video resources in DVD and Blu-ray formats that include core curricular, biography, documentary, foreign language, personal growth, special interest, and entertaining titles.

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DVD and Blu-ray Covers

Playaway View Logo

Playaway Package

Meet Playaway View

It’s the first all-in-one video player, pre-loaded with multiple videos of only the best in kids’ education and entertainment programming. You thought you loved Playaway … you haven’t seen anything yet!

Built For You

Kid-Friendly: No DVDs to scratch and designed for drops — Playaway View is equipped with a built-in speaker and rechargeable battery so it can go wherever kids go.

Circulation-Ready: Without the need for earbuds or batteries, Playaway View is shelf-ready and low-maintenance, arriving in One-Time™ Lock compatible orange packaging that includes the AC adaptor for recharging.

One Year Warranty: Really great products come with a warranty and service to match, and Playaway View is no different.

A Better Viewing Experience

Offer kids an exciting new way to watch their favorite videos. With over 100 Playaway Views available at launch from top content providers, such as Sesame Street and TumbleBooks, and 10 new Views being released each month, kids will be able to watch the videos they like over and over again on a cool new portable device.

Product Details

  • Pre-loaded with multiple videos, up to 6 hours of content
  • 3.5” full-color LCD screen with shatter-resistant acrylic screen cover
  • Built-in speaker and optional headphone jack
  • Rechargeable internal lithium-polymer battery provides over 8 hours of continuous play
  • Mini-USB input for AC adaptor
  • Simple 7 button functionality
  • Weighs only 5.4 ounces
Additional Information
Battery and Charging

Lithium Ion (aka Li-Polymer)

  • Battery will operate at 20° – 116° Fahrenheit. Temperatures to either extreme can cause issues with the battery life and even cause a rupture or ignition in extreme cases.
  • A Lithium Ion battery has a lifespan of 500 complete charges within 3-4 years. We do not currently have a program in place around battery replacement or servicing, but we may create one in the future if needed and feasible.

The unit will take about 3-4 hours to obtain a full charge. Once fully charged, the charge should last up to 8 hours in continuous Play mode.


On the Menu screen or in Pause mode, the player will hibernate after 2 minutes of non-use.

Hibernation Mode
The player will go into Hibernation mode for a 24-hour period from the last power-on to provide a convenient instant-on experience for the user.

Power Cord

One power cord is included in each package. Other compatible power adapters with a mini-USB port will also work.

  • For sanitation, a damp sanitizing wipe can safely be used on the screen and body of the unit.
  • To simply clean fingerprints, we recommend using a micro cloth.

Playaway Device

Educational Databases

Providing the most up-to-date information in a variety of ways, online databases include videos that are ideal for research, classroom discussion and curriculum supplements. Find video resources for history, geography, science, the United States, sports, teen health, author and illustrator research and more.

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