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  • From listening on a mobile device to playing on a computer, students can listen anywhere!
  • Nearly 50,000 titles to choose from, including bestsellers, the classics and more.
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  • No subscription or hosting fees.
  • Audio titles may be streamed for on-demand listening, or they may be circulated and downloaded for offline enjoyment.
  • All administrative management is done within MackinVIA, not in an additional application.
  • On devices, users access your MackinVIA digital audiobooks, along with your eBooks and databases, through the MackinVIA app. No additional apps are necessary!

Licensing and Access

F / NF

Renewal Required: You must renew this subscription every year.
Lifetime Access: You only need to purchase this product one time.
Simultaneous Access: More than one person can use this product at the same time.
Multi-School Incremental Discounts: Discounts available if purchasing for more than one school/location. Contact Mackin for discount information at eservices@mackin.com.
Multi-Year Discounts: Discounts available if purchasing for more than one consecutive year. Contact Mackin for discount information at eservices@mackin.com.
Content Correlation: NF=Nonfiction F=Fiction

Minimum System Requirements

Online Browser Requirements:
For the best online listening experience, use IE8 or newer, Firefox 14 or newer, Safari 5 or newer, or Chrome 16 or newer.
Flash 11.1 or newer is required.

Offline Device Compatibility:
Digital audio books are accessible on a device and for offline listening when you install the MackinVIA app, which is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), Android (tablets and smartphones), Nook tablets, and Kindle Fire tablets. Digital audio books are not accessible using the MackinVIA desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS.