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MackinMaker Is Here
To Support You And
Your Students!

Our PK-12 Maker kits showcase an ideal starter selection for young minds.

• Grades PK-2 Kit      • Grades 3-5 Kit
• Grades 6-8 Kit         • Grades 9-12 Kit
AWARD Reading
K–2 Equals Reading Success

AWARD Reading Online is a supplemental technology reading program to be used in the regularly scheduled reading block to meet needs and accelerate learning and as an intervention program outside...

Publisher Showcase
Don Tate

Award-winning Author and Illustrator Don Tate Charts His Own Path to Success.

From a young age, Don Tate loved drawing. But reading? No. That was of no interest...
Laura Fleming

Meet our newest MackinMaker expert.

Laura has been an educator in the state of New Jersey for 20 years. She has been both a classroom teacher and media specialist...
It's the Perfect Time to Plan Your Summer Reading Program.

Click this link to learn how to create a cool
summer reading plan today.
A Fresh Selection of Advertising and Promotional Punch

There’s nothing like the smell of sizzling-hot, homemade marketing and a good...

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March 20

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March 22

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Enter To Win One Of Five Box Sets Of
The Award-Winning And Bestselling MARCH Trilogy!

John Lewis' award-winning, bestselling graphic novel trilogy, MARCH, brilliantly tells the story of the Civil Rights Movement.
Congratulations Winners!
The following are the winners of the
A Child of Books Sets:

Alyssa R., Royal Oak, MI
Gayla P., Kearney, MO
Marianne P., Hampton Bays, NY
Jill B., Orange, CA
Renee H., Lubbock, TX
Congratulations Winner!
The following is a winner of the Raymie Nightingale book sets:

Renee G-F., Washington, D.C.




Dallas, TX

January 19


Orlando, FL

January 24-27