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Meet Our Newest
MackinMaker Expert
Todd Burleson

Todd Burleson is a 24-year educator. He has enjoyed teaching students from Kindergarten...
George Orwell’s Titles From Penguin Have Risen To The Best-Seller’s List

Get your copies of 1984 and Animal Farm today from Mackin!

Publisher Showcase
Susan Eloise Hinton

Celebrating 50 Years of The Outsiders
Staying Gold

Fifty years ago, The Outsiders was first introduced to readers. A young outsider herself, Susan Eloise (S.E.) Hinton wrote about the life...
Media Literacy: A Crash Course in 60 Minutes

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd at 5:00-6:00pm EST

Let’s face it. Fake media is a hot topic in, ahem, the media. But it is also a hot topic...
All Rourke Books At
New Lower Pricing

Choose from any one of these 6 sets of 10 high-interest Rourke titles when you spend $749 or more on Rourke print books*. This Mackin-exclusive offer ends April 30, 2017.
MackinVIA Receives
2017 Modern Library Awards

Mackin, a leading provider of print and digital fiction and non-fiction books for K-12...

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Congratulations Winners!
The following are the winners of the MARCH trilogy sets:

Deborah L., Northfield, IL
Fran F., St. Gabriel, LA
Sara F., Plymouth Meeting, PA
Terrie S., Cypress, TX
Wallace S., Las Vegas, NM

Congratulations Winners!
The following are the lucky winners of a set of Holly Goldberg Sloan's hardcovers!

Amy B., Canonsburg, PA
Lisa B., Gretna, NE
Stephaine H., Calvert City, KY
Ofilia K., Laredo, TX
Rhonda L., Dunlap, IA



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