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Transform your teaching and learning methodology with the insight of Mackin’s professional learning team.

Meet the Consultants


Literacy and Professional Learning Consultant

Jennifer McCarty Plucker partners with educators to provide customized coaching, guidance, professional learning, and transformation tools. Jen is passionate and energetic about student engagement, teacher efficacy, transformative leadership, and literacy.

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Her research has been recognized by

  • ASCD in Educational Leadership
  • International Literacy Association
  • Southern Regional Education Board’s High Schools That Work

Jen has over 20 years of education experience as a

  • Teaching and learning coordinator
  • ESL coordinator
  • K-12 intervention specialist
  • English/speech teacher
  • Reading specialist
  • Speech coach
  • Past president of the Minnesota Reading Association Adjunct instructor
  • Literacy consultant

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Professional Learning Specialist

Heather Lister is an international speaker and author on the topics of makerspaces, innovative libraries, and space transformation. With her experience and training as a school librarian, mathematics, instructional technology specialist, and school administrator, Heather brings a unique and practical perspective to the world of school librarianship and maker education.

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Heather’s work has been recognized by:

  • American Association of School Librarians in eCollab and Knowledge Quest
  • School Library Connection
  • School Library Journal
  • Teacher2Teacher

Heather is certified in:

  • Library Science
  • Instructional Technology
  • Mathematics
  • School Administration (Principal Certificate)

Heather is a certified educator and trainer for the following:

  • MakeyMakey Certified Trainer
  • littleBits Certified Training Partner
  • Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
  • HyperDuino

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Menu of Services

Ongoing Consultation
Partnership with teams in designing and implementing transformative practices for student learning and engagement.
On-Site Workshops
Engaging workshops around maker centered education, transformational libraries, effective leadership, inquiry-based learning, literacy, and more.
Keynote/Featured Speaker
Inspirational messages on topics related to student engagement, inquiry, design thinking, literacy, maker education, and more.
Virtual Learning
Custom webinars, interactive workshops, and digital coaching.


For Jennifer…

This was by far the best PD I’ve received in my 11 years here. Exciting and overwhelming at the same time but definitely reinforces a lot of the ideas we have been trying to promote at our school for the last couple years. Jen, you are amazing! Thanks!

I really appreciated the training. Coming from an elementary/primary background, the idea of theme based learning wasn’t foreign to me. I just needed to see how this approach would fit with older students. Thank you for your time, knowledge, and excellent workshop design!

For Heather…

She was engaging and knowledgeable, thought provoking and entertaining, a great combination.

This session helped open my eyes to the limitless possibilities of implementing the maker philosophy of learning. Heather gave us tons of information and resources. I learned a lot.

Empowering; practical; engaging; demystifying.

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