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Specialties of the House
Grillin' Up Great Results
Mackin's Publisher Showcase

The Monthly Mackin Compendium Publisher Showcase is the main entrée of our marketing program. Made-to-order and updated monthly, the digital Publisher Showcase gives you a fully customizable page on the desktop version of Mackin.com, as well as on the mobile version of our free Mackin Compendium app. This accessibility gives customers round-the-clock access to your content anywhere they choose.


Communicating to a growing list of more than 140,000 opt-in subscribers is as satisfying as it gets. We take and send your design, or let our design chefs create one just for you. As a dedicated Mackin eBlast, you’ll be co-branded with Mackin and sent in a featured email to our entire audience. At the completion of each email campaign, all metrics will be served to you.

Delicious Dedicated Email eBlasts
Lip-Smacking eMackin Monthly Digital Newsletter

Nothing beats consistent Grade-A service. Our monthly eNewsletter is chock-full of news, facts, interviews, educational information, promotions and more, all peppered with tasty advertising morsels from a select group of publisher partners. There’s no better way to be seen, month after month, by over 140,000 opt-in connoisseurs of Mackin.

Homepage Sliders $895 for 2 Weeks
Tempting Homepage Sliders. Bet you can't have just one!

These little gems get served up, front and center, for everyone to see when they log on to the homepage of Mackin.com. Your tray of sliders includes a continuous rotation of your logo and ten to fifteen book covers that you want to feature. Each cover provides a direct link to add the title to their order or to your Publisher Showcase page, if you choose. It’s the perfect way to grab those hungry folks right when they enter.

Appetizers and Sides
We're Talking Social!
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

When you purchase any of our marketing programs, our regular schedule of social postings will keep your brand on the tip of everyone’s tongues. We sprinkle relevant, up-to-the-minute information on four Twitter sites, and pepper Instagram and Facebook with news and pictures as a value-added ingredient to your hearty marketing mix.

Try one! Try them all! We’re slinging them out at no additional cost to you!

Author Spotlight Videos. They oughta be in pictures!

Help your stars shoot to the top with a professionally created video interview from Mackin.

Expertly taped and fully edited with voiceover, text treatments, soundtracks and other creative effects by Mackin’s own in-house video production team. Each interview is cooked up, in tandem, by the publisher and the creative team at Mackin. We provide the host to moderate, interview and engage each talent to make sure they positively shine.

All video shoots occur on one of many sets or locations at Mackin. For an additional fee, we’ll even travel to the author’s location.

The end result: a perfectly prepared video interview that becomes your exclusive property that you are free to promote as you wish. In turn, we will add each video to the mobile and online versions of Publisher Showcase. For added flavor, try embedding the final video interview in an eBlast as a link!

Nutrition Facts
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