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The Liz Warner Love of Learning Library
A Letter From Liz

Insert ImageDear Friends, Fellow Teachers and Family, 

Few of us are faced with learning that a terminal disease will soon take our life.
When you are faced with a reality such as this, as I have, it changes your
priorities in life. All of a sudden, what used to be important no longer exists
and new things become important. 

I am a fortunate woman. The support my friends and family have given me over the
past few months has been unbelievable. I have felt your love every single day.

My work with the Honors Academy of Literature is one important priority for me. I
have spent my adult life supporting teachers and students and I would really
love for that support to continue. In order for this to happen, I am donating
the first $12,600 to get the school library started. 

You can help me continue to support this brand new public charter school. In lieu
of flowers or gifts, you can help me build the library for our school. Please,
instead of sending a bouquet of flowers, send a donation or buy a copy of your
favorite book for our library.  I am excited that I can help leave a legacy of learning for students.


Liz Warner, MA

The Power of Children's Literature

In order to be the "Children's Literature Charter School," our students and teachers need access to the best resources a library can offer.  We envision shelves full of multi-cultural titles, high-interest formats, social justice topics, award winning fiction, engaging non-fiction, and fun escapism.  We want to make sure that each child at The Honors Academy of Literature can find the books that will engage his/her passion for learning. 

All of this takes money.  Liz's generous donation is a great gift that we deeply value.  But, we also ask that you consider helping us continue to grow the library start-up fund.  We believe that there is no better first community project for the school than to stock the Liz Warner Love of Learning Library together.  We have tried to make donating as easy as possible through this website.  Please help us create this future treasure trove of literature.

Thank you,

The Honors Academy of Literature Governing Board


To our Honors Academy of Literature Family,

It is with great sadness that I announce that our dear friend Liz Warner died the night of June 11th from Pancreatic Cancer.  We are happy that she is no longer in pain, but will miss her dearly. Her love of life and learning will be continued in the school's mission and in the Liz Warner Love of Learning Library. This library fundraiser and project has now become all the more relevant as we work to build a library of which Liz would be proud.  We thank you for your contributions.


J-Lynn Van Pelt

Principal and Director of Programs

The Honors Academy of Literature


Goal:  $40,000
Raised:  $21,524