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Collection Development

Nobody has more book lists than Mackin - we have thousands! Our master librarians continually create and update book list s to fit every librarian’s unique needs.

We also provide on-demand custom lists to meet your exact needs, complete with review sources, reading, levels, and annotations.

Working with more than 18,000 publishers allows us to find the best, most appropriate titles for your unique collection.

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Collection Analysis Plus Solutions (CAPS)

Analyze your collection quickly on, or contact us and our experienced librarians can walk you through a custom collection analysis step by step.

What information is included in my analysis?

We analyze your existing collection and then compare it to a brand new “exemplary” collection that meets size standards for the number of students in your school. Below is a sampling of the information provided:
  • Average copyright date of your collection compared to recommended age
  • Distribution of your Dewey sections and how many additional titles are needed for a balanced collection
  • Current books per student versus your goal number of books per student
  • Weeding lists of older items in your collection
Online Collection Analysis

For assistance, email or call 800.245.9540.


TitleMatch helps you manage your collection in real time. As you add to your list, titles that are already in your collection are highlighted so that you won't accidentally order duplicates. TitleMatch allows you to view matches in a collection for single or multiple locations. Plus, it will tell you if your titles are on a list or previous Mackin orders.

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