The Way We Learn

Why MackinVIA?

MackinVIA is a complete eResource management system providing easy access to eBooks and educational databases. With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their eResources. Further, MackinVIA allows simultaneous, unlimited access to multiple users and is mobile friendly.

MackinVIA eBooks

Mackin Educational Resources offers a rapidly growing collection of more than 300,000 eBooks for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. These eBooks allow for unlimited, simultaneous as well as one book-one user access all hosted on the Mackin server or, in some cases, on the publisher's server. Many eBooks are interactive and designed for struggling or reluctant readers. What's more, Mackin provides free, complete MARC records for every eBook.

MackinVIA Audiobooks

Mackin offers a growing collection over 40,000 audiobooks. Audio titles may be streamed for on-demand listening, or they may be circulated and downloaded for offline enjoyment. Best of all - all access is performed within MackinVIA, or if you are using a device, within the MackinVIA app. NO additional apps are needed for listening OR for managing your school's audio title investment.

MackinVIA Online Databases

Mackin offers more than 100 educational databases spanning levels of Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 with unlimited, simultaneous access capabilities. Many of these databases include a variety of interactive features; video, audio, games, assessments and educator research tools which help to engage students in the research process and assist teachers in providing an enriched learning experience.

MackinVIA eReader app

The MackinVIA app works on a multitude of mobile devices including the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android smartphones as well as the iPad, Kindle, Android and Nook tablets and Chromebook. The app is also available for Mac and Windows desktop computers. This versatile app can be found in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play. The free application expands the capabilities of the MackinVIA eResources management system to allow for offline reading as well as content already on your MackinVIA account.

The MackinVIA Reader app allows MackinVIA users to check out and download eBooks. Additionally, the app includes features such as keyword search, bookmarking, and annotations. Users can highlight text in multiple colors. There are three levels of the popular Merriam-Webster dictionary as well as citations by EasyBib. Through the use of the app, users are able to download eBooks hosted by Mackin Educational Resources for offline reading.